Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nice Gravy Boat!

     “Rosie, can you type a letter?”

     “Sure, Dad. What’s it about this time?” (It’s not the first time; more on that later.)

It turns out there’s a column called “Ask Grandpa” in the local weekly newspaper, The Voice, and “Grandpa” has asked his readers to write in and tell him what they are grateful for, and my Father sees it as his civic duty and obligation to send in his letter. Just in case it doesn’t make it into print there, I’m sharing it here.  I added a letter of my own as well.

Dear Ask Grandpa,

I grew up in the Depression, and I thank my blessings every day for food, clothing, and shelter. I am grateful I have no debt, no mortgage, no visa debt, or car loans. And, for not being a slave to the lender. I am grateful we have:

A street sweeper, instead of pushing a broom by hand.
A lawn mower that’s self propelled, instead of a push mower.
A snow blower, instead of shoveling by hand.
A microwave, a blender, and a crock pot.
A gas stove instead of a wood burning stove.
A washer and dryer instead of a scrub board and drying our clothes on the line outside.
A radio, TV and remote.
Running water instead of a pump.
Inside plumbing instead of an outhouse.*
Wireless phones.
Planes that go over 500 mph with 300 to 400 passengers, anywhere in the world.
Refrigerators instead of underground root cellars.
Electricity instead of lanterns.
Not having to can our own fruits and vegetables.
Coffee makers.
No more ironing or polishing shoes; permanent press instead of ironing by hand.

                                                Peter P. Schmidt

P.S. – I don’t need most of the stuff listed above.

P.P.S. – I don’t need all the Thanksgiving trimmings. All I need is a good Italian Beef sandwich, or a sub sandwich, or a large homemade bowl of soup.

P.P.P.S. – Bring your lunch, and I’ll tell you a story!

Dear Ask Grandpa,

I am grateful for my Dad, my niece and her family, two delightful grandnieces, my loving partner, and all our family, cousins and great friends, both near and far, and all the happy memories we hold of those who have already left us, but live on in our hearts.

And my Dad’s stories!


                                              Rose Schmidt

* One year my Dad got so excited telling us about how grateful he was for modern conveniences, such as indoor plumbing, that he ran downstairs to the basement, and returned with an old chamber pot in hand, to both the shock and amusement of my nieces, as he explained how you either had to use one of these or run out in the cold of night to use the outhouse.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

     “My, that’s a large gravy boat. Where did you find that? You didn’t bring that up from the basement, did you?!”

Coming Next
Two-part series on the public talk given by His Holiness The Dalai Lama on November 1st at TD Garden, titled “Educating the Heart and Mind.” 

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