Saturday, May 2, 2015

Fearless - Post Script

Fearless by Carol Aust (acrylic on wood)
The natural follow-on to the last post is actually my very first post, originally published on September 16, 2014 (scroll all the way down to find it), “A Dangerous Question,” which asks: 
“What would you do if you had no fear?”

Steal some cookies?
Start a blog
Start anew
Ask for a press pass
Or two…

Which is the perfect lead-in to the next post to be published later this month.  

I will give my take on the talk, “Business & Baseball,” held Wednesday night, April 22, 2015, at the Seaport Hotel, essentially an interview with two local Boston business icons, Jack Welch (former CEO of GE) and John Henry (owner of The Boston Globe, Boston Red Sox, and the Liverpool Football Club, and by “football” I mean soccer), moderated by Globe Editor, Brian McGrory. NESN has aired an edited version of the talk, and yes, that was my question at the very end, for anyone who happened to catch it. More to come.

And then back to the rugby vs. football thing, and maybe another one of my Dad’s letters.

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