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The Watertown Arts Market Returns Saturday, Aug 13th! Plus Book Readings at the Lit Squad Booth!


The Watertown Arts Market (WAM) returns to Arsenal Park, located in the backyard to the burgeoning Arsenal Yards, from 12 to 5 on Saturday, August 13th, 2022.

There is a full arsenal of arts and culture that will be on display, see map below.

Some local food stands/trucks will also be on site all day, including the super AWESOME folks from O’Some CafĂ©. 

A variety of activities will be happening all day, including book/poetry readings at the Lit Squad booth (#84 on the map). There will be a bunch of offerings from local authors, including the 2022 Watertown Sampler, available for sale.

2:15 PM - I’ll be at the Lit Squad booth (#84), and reading a couple of excerpts from my books, The Happy Clam, and Go Forward, Support! The Rugby of Life. Books will be available for purchase at the table.

I’ll also have some FREE stuff to give away: pens, notebooks, postcards, everything to inspire the writer within all of you! 


Photo Credits: Natalie Nigito

There will be a bunch of offerings from local authors, including the 2022 Watertown Sampler, available for sale.

Swing by booth #17 at 4:00 to hear more about the Massachusetts Cultural Council and Watertown Cultural Council grant opportunities to fund local arts and culture activities.

Speaking of which – boxes of rocks, geodes, and journals have been arriving almost daily, as I prepare to give a program on Geodes & Journals to the Watertown Boys and Girls Club the week of August 15th. Exciting stuff! Looking forward to meeting and working with the kids and program directors and counselors at the Club!

Read more about how this came to be in my post from Jan. 2022:

What the critics are saying about The Happy Clam:

If you read it and you like it, please leave a review on Amazon and GoodReads!

"This short, sweet book is like a long conversation with your really smart best friend."

"The personal insights shared, the failures and successes, the tips on how to find the positive and even the recipes all add to make this a very good workbook for living."

IBPA Benjamin Franklin Book Award Judges Panel

 "During a time when the whole world is feeling quite down and lost, a book such as this is welcomed with open arms.

Prose: Schmidt has a way of meandering through her thoughts cohesively and eloquently. Although her ideas blend together to a degree, they do so in an intentional fashion, stitched together with facts, citations, quotes, poetry, and recipes.

Originality: The Happy Clam is a self-help book about finding one's inner happiness and contentment – a topic that has been well traveled. However, Schmidt has the ability to tread these waters with a unique perspective, and successfully manages to take a tired subject and breathe new life into it."

The BookLife Prize

"Throughout, she revealed herself as insightful and funny, charming and wise, qualities that, along with the rigor of her presentation of research, ensure The Happy Clam stands out from the pack of self-help books on happiness. She is realistic and positive in the same breath, illuminating how “elusive happiness” can seem attainable to readers.

Takeaway: A quick, thorough, inviting self-help book on ways to seek, find, and maintain happiness in adulthood."

BookLife Review

“The Happy Clam is a book that should be on the bookshelves of everyone in the current climate. Rosemary A. Schmidt has a way with words that invigorates your soul and makes you feel optimistic despite the countless problems facing society at large. The author relates the pain of losing her sister and her mother, but she manages to find a way to navigate through the grieving period. She also recounts her experiences of working as a supervisor. There is a surprising amount of humor sprinkled throughout the pages that makes Schmidt's writing all the more engaging, and I honestly found myself chuckling out loud once or twice. You also get some really cool recipes to soothe your stomach as well as your soul. Highly recommended.”

Pikasho Deka, for Readers’ Favorite (5 stars)

“I came away from reading “The Happy Clam,” feeling motivated and inspired to take more steps to ease up on the things that are currently dragging me down. I will focus on spending more time on taking care of my own wellbeing. In turn, in the long run, this will enable me to feel better physically, mentally and spiritually. This is highly recommended reading and would make a thoughtful gift for someone who is seeking a way back to a happier life.”

Paige Lovitt, for Reader Views (5 stars)

2021 Eric Hoffer Category Finalist


Good Reads

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A song for the season:

Catch and Release, by Matt Simons


The Promise, by When In Rome:


Every month is suicide prevention month.

July saw the launch of the new 3-digit Suicide Prevention Line: 988.

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