Sunday, July 26, 2020

The Happy Clam!

Hot off the press! The Happy Clam, was just released by Amazon overnight, and is now available as a paperback and as an eBook. I hope it helps lift spirits in the midst of this pandemic, civil rights unrest, and political melee.  Enjoy the read!
Available now at Belmont Books and on

Thank you to everyone who contributed to its making, especially Susan who has been with me throughout the writing process, Meghan Regan-Loomis for her editorial insights, Carol Aust for permission to reproduce her artwork on the cover, Scot Langdon for his photography skills in properly capturing the image, Eric C. Kintner for letting me share his letter to the editor, General Colin L. Powell for permission to share his first rule of leadership, the folks at the Einstein Archives at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, for permission to share the quote by Albert Einstein,  the folks at PEEPS ® for just being such truly nice people (and who wouldn’t be, surrounded by yellow marshmallowy confections all day?), my niece Jenny for her support and encouragement through this all, and the encouragement that has come from such far-flung corners of the universe over the years: Linda Francis, Nancy Etcoff, Brian McGrory, Keith Elchert and Gayle Heiby Podczerwinski (my old University of Dayton editors at the Flyer News), and my circle of friends: Lisa Jo, Nancy, Betsy, Joanne & Ali, Patty & Bubba, Judy & Tom, Nancy & Al, Dee & Dave, and I’m sure I’m forgetting people.

And now – the soundtrack to accompany the book!

Chapter 1 – Introduction
“Turn to Stone,” by Electric Light Orchestra:

Chapter 4 – Your Happy Place
“Crazy Train,” by Ozzy Osbourne:

“Sweet Caroline,” by Neil Diamond:

Chapter 5 – Happiness Is As Happiness Does
“Que Sera Sera,” by Doris Day:

Chapter 6 – Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise
“Make Me Smile,” by Chicago:

Chapter 7 – Mind Over Matter
“In My Blood,” by Shawn Mendes:

“I Wanna’ Get Better,” by Bleachers:

“You’re Somebody Else,” by Flora Cash:

“Missing Home,” by Flora Cash:

“Hunger,” by Florence + The Machine:

“When the Stars Go Blue,” by Tim McGraw:

Chapter 8 – The Bird Outside the Window
“Ripple,” by the Grateful Dead:

“Box of Rain,” by the Grateful Dead:

“Upside Down,” by Jack Johnson:

“Let It Be,” by the Beatles:

Chapter 9 – Focus On What You Can Do!
“Just the Way You Are,” by Billy Joel:

Chapter 10 – Do You Want To Change?
“Under Pressure,” by Queen featuring David Bowie:

“Changes,” by David Bowie:

“Change,” by Tracy Chapman:

Chapter 12 – Boston
“Five Hundred Miles,” by Peter, Paul, and Mary:

“In the Sun,” by Michael Stipe with Chris Martin and Coldplay:

Chapter 14 – Love Is God
“One,” by U2:

Post Script
“Everybody Lost Somebody,” by Bleachers:

“The Ghost in You,” by Psychedelic Furs:

“Pale Grass Blue,” by Enya:

“Across the Lines,” by Tracy Chapman:

“Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution,” by Tracy Chapman:

“It’s Time,” by Imagine Dragons:

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